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Respite Care Certificate Program

The South Dakota Respite Coalition is proud to offer the Respite Care Certificate Program in collaboration with the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin.


The Respite Care Certificate Program (RCCP) is designed for people interested in providing respite care to individuals with varying disabilities and ages across the lifespan. Learners are able to work at their own pace to complete the ten required online courses. A minimum score of 75% for each course is required.

Upon completion of the Respite Care Certificate Program, learners will be offered the opportunity to be added to the South Dakota Respite Provider Directory - available to primary caregivers to search for respite care providers in their community. To locate a respite provider in South Dakota, please visit Search for a Respite Provider.

To access the Respite Care Certificate Program, please visit South Dakota Lifespan Respite Training for registration. There is no cost for the courses in this program. The South Dakota Respite Care Certificate Program would not be possible without the assistance of the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin.



The Ten RCCP Courses                                                                                                                                      

101-SD: What is Respite?

102: Disability Basics for Respite Providers                                                                                                    

103: Client Care for Respite Providers

104: Medication Administration for Respite Providers                                                                                   

105-SD: Abuse & Neglect for Respite Providers in SD

106: Caring for Challenging Moments for Respite Providers

107: Wellness, Household, and Free Time Activities

108: Professional Ethics and Interpersonal Skills for Respite Providers

109: Meeting with the Caregiver and Care Recipient

110-SD: Next Steps & the South Dakota Respite Provider Directory