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The Department of Human Services created this list of individual (non-agency) respite providers as a potential resource to caregivers.  Caregivers need respite (time away or a short break) from the daily responsibilities of helping a family member or loved one who due to aging, disability, or chronic illness needs hands on care, support, or supervision.

As the caregiver, one of your responsibilities is to thoroughly check references and/or complete background checks before hiring an individual to work in your home or provide care to your loved one.  The Department of Human Services does not endorse or recommend that you hire any of the listed individual respite providers listed in this Respite Directory.

Another responsibility as a caregiver when you employ an in-home care worker is to know and understand the applicable tax laws.  To help guide you in this process speak to a tax professional and your local Department of Labor and Regulation office.    Please read IRS Publication 926 Household Employers Tax Guide located at: and the U.S. Department of Labor’s guide: "Consumers and their Families to the Fair Labor Standards Act" located at:

Lifespan Respite is temporary or short-term care of a person of any age provided by an individual other than the person’s usual or primary caregiver.  Respite is time away or a short break for the primary caregiver who has the daily responsibilities of caregiving.